I started school back up this past winter and have been focused on school this summer too.  I have been going to school full time and working full time, so it has been a bit overwhelming at times.  I think I get overwhelmed because people in my life do not realize how important this is to me. When you have a goal in mind, you have to start saying no to things to achieve the goal.  There are literally not enough hours in the day to make time for everything.

I am very passionate about becoming a lawyer.  I feel that God has opened my eyes wide open to this journey.  Everyday, He seems to place a person or situation in my life that reinterates this goal of mine.  I want to point out that family and friends are VERY important, but when God is leading you FOLLOW HIM!  There definitley has to be a balance in your life.  I have learned the importance of balance this summer.  I was so focused on school, I forgot about people and taking care of myself.

Well, back to my original topic.  I feel like God has placed me on this earth to help people.  People can help each other in many different ways.  My journey is going to law school and helping people through that process.  When you say lawyer, most people do not think that they help people.  In my decade of experience in the law field, the majority of lawyers truly want to help people figure out their problems.  People struggle and unfortunately lawyers are apart of that process.  I am thankful for all the lawyers that I come into contact with that look at the big picture.  They realize people need help and this is an avenue to help them.  I see people everyday that struggle and I want to help them so terribly bad.  These people need guidance and direction.

Sometimes, I get aggravated with my family because I don’t think they see the world as it really is.  There are people dying of heroin everyday.  There are people that are living on the streets.  There are masses of children who don’t have parents who care for them.  I wouldn’t say I see the worst of society, but I definitely see my fair share of negativity.  Some of my family ask, why do you want to be stressed out all the time or why would you want to help a heroin addict?  My respone to them, is why wouldn’t you want to help someone that doesn’t have the same opportunities that we have.  God has placed us on this earth to help the oppressed.  I am not saying that everyone needs to quit their jobs and go work at a food bank, but we all have a part in something bigger than us.

I guess I get aggravated when people in my life do not have the same mind set as me.   I am sick and tired of people wanting to live inside a comfort zone.  It is okay to be comfortable during seasons in your life.  Real personal growth comes with pushing out of your comfort zone and trying something new.  People have so much potential in their life, especially with the powerful hand of God but they do not utilize this.

Sorry went on a bit of a rant today.  I have been holding that in for awhile.  🙂


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