Do you ever feel like you are in a movie? I am listening to “indie classical.” I didn’t know this genre even existed until a couple days ago. Classical music is beautiful. You get to hear instruments at their very essence. The strum of a guitar or the key of the piano.  My personal favorite  is the violin.  The gentleness and power the bow of a violin resonates overwhelms my soul. I feel like my senses are heightened. My touch is soft and delicate, but still hard enough to bring my thoughts onto this page. I am looking at the computer screen reflecting on how beautiful life is and how blessed I am. I look outside, it quit raining but the world still has that sense of eeriness. The sky is cloudy, but a beautiful reflection of colors. Deep blue, pink and orange fill the sky with dusk about to take over the day. I feel like the stress and anxiety are slipping away into these simple parts of life. It is easy to forget and disregard the effortless attributes everyday brings. Thankfully, at this instance I am appreciating those very attributes I forgot. The calmness and tranquility it brings me are quite astounding compared to how I have been handling my hectic life lately. We all need to stop and breathe the simplicity life hands you.


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