In a world full of satisfaction guaranteed, why do we all feel so unsatisfied?  Everyone wants more money, more clothes, more technology and the list goes one.  The thing is the more we receive, the more we want.  That “new” item we purchased is exciting and new.  After a couple weeks an “improved” version comes out then we want that.  We think our life will be complete once we make enough money or get that new car.  It might not even be a material item.  It could be I won’t be satisfied until I have that job or I have children.  All these things will definitley improve our mood for awhile and make us happy to an extent, but it will never fill the void of full satisfaction.

I have been reading Ecclesiastes this week.  It has opened by eyes to how unsatisifed we all can be in life.  Nothing can fill that void except God.  God will completely satisfy you in all aspects of your life.  Those small dissatisfactions will seem pointless compared to God.  The author of King Solomon should know about life and material satisfaction.  God gave him what we all desire, wisdom and riches.  He was one of the richest men to ever live, even by today’s standards.  He not only had anything he desired, King Solomon was smart and wise.  He built houses, he planted vineyards and he had servants at all hours of the day.  King Solomon had huge parties and every food that was imaganable at that time.  He had all these things and he was still unsatisfied.  The common theme of Ecclesiastes is exactly this, God equals true satisfaction.  The most popular and second verse of this book is, “vanity of vanities!  all is vanity.”  Most things in life are all about us, what we want and what we feel.  What purpose does all wisdom, riches or work have in the end?  At the end of your life, will all those things matter.  What really matters is your relationship with God and the relationships you build with other people.  I am not saying and God is definitley not saying be a lazy bum and not care about anything.  You still need to work and it is okay to have things.  I think the point King Solomon is trying to get across to us, is that look at the big picture and keep your priorities straight.  If you keep God first, He will truly satisfy you and all those other things won’t matter as much.