My Goals for 2015


My recent post was about how to set goals, so here are my goals for the coming year!  Remember…Category, Reason, Habit.

This may seem a little overboard to you, but this is exactly how my brain works.  I also physically write these down in my journal, so I am constantly reminded of them.  This is the way I can picture setting my goals.  There are difference techniques of goal setting.  For example, my husband doesn’t write out his goals specifically like I do.  This would be too overwhelming for his personality type.  Find your niche, but most importantly ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!!!

Goal: God

  • Pray with meaning daily
  • Read and Study Bible more often
  • Tell others about what God has done in my life


I want to have a deeper relationship with God and be Christ-Like.


  • Prayer every morning
  • Read/Study Bible 2x week
  • When opportunity presents itself, tell others about what God has done in my life

Goal: Church

  • Attend a Biblical Church
  • Use the spiritual gifts God has given me
  • Become an active church member


I want to be surrounded by a community of believers that live biblical truth and use the skills God has given me.


  • Get involved with activities, community outreach at church.
  • Be open with people.

Goal: Marriage

  • Date nights
  • Daily prayer together
  • Read/Study bible together
  • Perform kind gestures more often


I want to have a healthy, biblical marriage so we are not a divorce statistic. I want to set a Christian example for others to show them what a true marriage should be like.


  • Schedule weekly date nights
  • Pray together daily
  • Read/Study Bible together 1x week
  • Kind gestures atleast 1x month (Hello Pinterest!)

Goal: Relationships

  • Spend more quality time with friends and family.


I want to have more quality relationships with people in my life.  It also gives me the opportunity to tell others about God and be myself.


  • Spend more quality time with atlas one person weekly.
  • Monthly family dinners.

Goal: Health

  • Eat healthy
  • Workout more often


I want to be a good example of health to my family.  I want to look good for my husband and feel attractive.  I want to have energy, stamina and release tension through workouts.  I don’t want to be at risk for diseased and take several pills like most Americans.


  • Workout 3x week
  • Yoga 2x week
  • Prepare healthy meals
  • Run Half Marathon

Goal: Personal Time

  • Get up at 5am on weekdays
  • Blog more often
  • Schedule alone time


I need to schedule alone time because I get overwhelmed and need to take a step back at times.  It helps me relieve tension and re-focus.


  • Get up at 5am on weekdays
  • Schedule alone time 1x week
  • Blog 1x week
  • Goal check 1x week

Goal: Helping Others

  • Open home more often so others feel welcome
  • Be friendlier on a daily basis
  • Make others smile
  • Once in law school, become GAL Advocate


Helping others makes me feel good.  God puts us on this earth to make a difference and to be Christ-like.  I want to use my gifts to the best use possible.


  • Be open, nice and friendly
  • Listen more!!
  • Have a good attitude

Goal: Learning/Career

  • Finish Bachelor’s Degree
  • Apply to Law School
  • Open own law office or work for prosecutors office
  • GAL work


I want to have a job that I love and that will make a difference in someone’s life.


  • Keep GPA High 3.6 or above
  • Take LSAT
  • Talk/Network with attorneys, judges, etc.
  • Pray about it!

Other Personal Goals

  • I will have a positive attitude because happiness is contagious.
  • I will achieve more confidence by stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things.
  • I will not base my decisions on what others think.  I will base my decisions on what God has planned for me.
  • I will control my anxiety through prayer and running.
  • I will be more passionate about everything I do.
  • I will stop checking social media as much.



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