How to Set Goals

It is very plain and simple, if you set goals you are more likely to achieve them.  The sense of accomplishment you feel when you complete a goal is a feeling that cannot be replicated.  You get an adrenaline rush.  You get more motivation to cross more goals off your list.  You receive determination, inspiration and encouragement like nothing else you have felt in your life.

The past couple years I have made a vague list of goals for the year.  This past year, I finally found my goal setting strategy that articulates to my level.  There are several ways to come up with your own goals, but this is the way that best fits me.  So write your own goals the way you like them.  The main purpose is to look back on your goals at the end of the year and see what you have accomplished.

How do I set my goals?

-I physically write them down.  I normally do type them too, but I always have a hard copy.  I write them down in a journal that I keep with me.  It is also a constant reminder when I open up my journal.

-I break them down into categories.  For example, Health, Marriage or Career.

-After I break them into categories I write a reason for my goal.  When you have a true reason to achieve a goal, you are more likely to attain it.

-I then write down habits that I will perform to achieve these goals.  This is what you will be doing on a daily basis to achieve your goal.  You can get as specific as you want with this.

-I pencil in these “habits” to my weekly schedule and try to accomplish as much as possible.

I have found if I do these steps I achieve more goals than I have in earlier years.  It’s nice to look back at the end of the year to see what goals you have accomplished.  It is also neat to see what goals have changed and how you have grown in different aspects of your life.

Word of advice, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t fit everything in your schedule or forgot a “habit” on a weekly basis.  As long as you are doing something, you are moving forward not backward.


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