My Goals for 2015


My recent post was about how to set goals, so here are my goals for the coming year!  Remember…Category, Reason, Habit.

This may seem a little overboard to you, but this is exactly how my brain works.  I also physically write these down in my journal, so I am constantly reminded of them.  This is the way I can picture setting my goals.  There are difference techniques of goal setting.  For example, my husband doesn’t write out his goals specifically like I do.  This would be too overwhelming for his personality type.  Find your niche, but most importantly ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!!!

Goal: God

  • Pray with meaning daily
  • Read and Study Bible more often
  • Tell others about what God has done in my life


I want to have a deeper relationship with God and be Christ-Like.


  • Prayer every morning
  • Read/Study Bible 2x week
  • When opportunity presents itself, tell others about what God has done in my life

Goal: Church

  • Attend a Biblical Church
  • Use the spiritual gifts God has given me
  • Become an active church member


I want to be surrounded by a community of believers that live biblical truth and use the skills God has given me.


  • Get involved with activities, community outreach at church.
  • Be open with people.

Goal: Marriage

  • Date nights
  • Daily prayer together
  • Read/Study bible together
  • Perform kind gestures more often


I want to have a healthy, biblical marriage so we are not a divorce statistic. I want to set a Christian example for others to show them what a true marriage should be like.


  • Schedule weekly date nights
  • Pray together daily
  • Read/Study Bible together 1x week
  • Kind gestures atleast 1x month (Hello Pinterest!)

Goal: Relationships

  • Spend more quality time with friends and family.


I want to have more quality relationships with people in my life.  It also gives me the opportunity to tell others about God and be myself.


  • Spend more quality time with atlas one person weekly.
  • Monthly family dinners.

Goal: Health

  • Eat healthy
  • Workout more often


I want to be a good example of health to my family.  I want to look good for my husband and feel attractive.  I want to have energy, stamina and release tension through workouts.  I don’t want to be at risk for diseased and take several pills like most Americans.


  • Workout 3x week
  • Yoga 2x week
  • Prepare healthy meals
  • Run Half Marathon

Goal: Personal Time

  • Get up at 5am on weekdays
  • Blog more often
  • Schedule alone time


I need to schedule alone time because I get overwhelmed and need to take a step back at times.  It helps me relieve tension and re-focus.


  • Get up at 5am on weekdays
  • Schedule alone time 1x week
  • Blog 1x week
  • Goal check 1x week

Goal: Helping Others

  • Open home more often so others feel welcome
  • Be friendlier on a daily basis
  • Make others smile
  • Once in law school, become GAL Advocate


Helping others makes me feel good.  God puts us on this earth to make a difference and to be Christ-like.  I want to use my gifts to the best use possible.


  • Be open, nice and friendly
  • Listen more!!
  • Have a good attitude

Goal: Learning/Career

  • Finish Bachelor’s Degree
  • Apply to Law School
  • Open own law office or work for prosecutors office
  • GAL work


I want to have a job that I love and that will make a difference in someone’s life.


  • Keep GPA High 3.6 or above
  • Take LSAT
  • Talk/Network with attorneys, judges, etc.
  • Pray about it!

Other Personal Goals

  • I will have a positive attitude because happiness is contagious.
  • I will achieve more confidence by stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things.
  • I will not base my decisions on what others think.  I will base my decisions on what God has planned for me.
  • I will control my anxiety through prayer and running.
  • I will be more passionate about everything I do.
  • I will stop checking social media as much.



How to Set Goals

It is very plain and simple, if you set goals you are more likely to achieve them.  The sense of accomplishment you feel when you complete a goal is a feeling that cannot be replicated.  You get an adrenaline rush.  You get more motivation to cross more goals off your list.  You receive determination, inspiration and encouragement like nothing else you have felt in your life.

The past couple years I have made a vague list of goals for the year.  This past year, I finally found my goal setting strategy that articulates to my level.  There are several ways to come up with your own goals, but this is the way that best fits me.  So write your own goals the way you like them.  The main purpose is to look back on your goals at the end of the year and see what you have accomplished.

How do I set my goals?

-I physically write them down.  I normally do type them too, but I always have a hard copy.  I write them down in a journal that I keep with me.  It is also a constant reminder when I open up my journal.

-I break them down into categories.  For example, Health, Marriage or Career.

-After I break them into categories I write a reason for my goal.  When you have a true reason to achieve a goal, you are more likely to attain it.

-I then write down habits that I will perform to achieve these goals.  This is what you will be doing on a daily basis to achieve your goal.  You can get as specific as you want with this.

-I pencil in these “habits” to my weekly schedule and try to accomplish as much as possible.

I have found if I do these steps I achieve more goals than I have in earlier years.  It’s nice to look back at the end of the year to see what goals you have accomplished.  It is also neat to see what goals have changed and how you have grown in different aspects of your life.

Word of advice, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t fit everything in your schedule or forgot a “habit” on a weekly basis.  As long as you are doing something, you are moving forward not backward.

Powerful Promises

“May God give you a sense of what He is up to in your life. May you see glimpses of the breakthrough that is just up ahead. May you-with all your heart-believe that trusting Him over what your eyes see, is totally and completely worth it. May you shift your weight off of your logical reasonings and onto the weightiness of His powerful promises to you. You have got help and resources that go far beyond anything you could ever need. Smile with joy and walk by faith today. He has got you.” – Susie Larson

This quote makes my heart smile. I am so thankful what God has done in my life and the glimpses of what is to come. Gods infinite wisdom and power become more prevalent everyday. Do not set limits on what God can do. If it’s in His plan for you, He will make it happen no matter what. You might not see how it will work, but God knows the steps needed to take and the direction to go. If you place your trust in Him it will always work out the way it’s supposed to. I am super practical and logical so sometimes this is hard for me to comprehend. God’s resources are way better than ours so why should we analyze every plan we have to the point of aggravation. Let go of your wants and desires and let God lead you to His goals for you to fulfill your purpose in Him. It will change you. Your perspective will be open to God’s endless opportunities.

10 Lessons from a Twenty-Something

I have been on this earth for 26 years.  I am finally to an age where a have bit of wisdom and experience to talk about.  🙂

So here are the lessons I have learned thus far…

1.  You need God in your life.

I know some of you may not be religious or believe in God, but it has been the best thing I have ever done.  The strength, guidance, patience, direction, hope and love I feel when God is in my life cannot compare to times in my life where I did not acknowledge Him or pray to Him.  It’s like night and day.  The sense of peace and satisfaction you have cannot be explained, painted or described.

2.  Don’t let others expectations control you.

This is a very hard lesson I have had to learn.  I am still dealing with it and I am sure I will deal with it for the rest of my life.  I have started to open my eyes wide open to it.  I tried to make people happy so they wouldn’t be mad at me or disappointed in me.  You know what happened?  Someone was still mad or disappointed and I was miserable.  I have finally started to let those expectations go and man do I feel a weight lifted off my chest.  I have never felt so free in my life.

3. Anxiety and Worry are not positive attributes to have

Like lesson #2, anxiety and worry will be something that I will always have to deal with.  I have spent so much time worrying about things I cannot control.  Things will happen no matter what.  We have to stop ourselves from letting those thoughts consume us.  I have seen where these thoughts have totally controlled people and their life.  They end up not living life.  I do not want to end up in that state of mind, so it is something I am constantly aware of.

4. Set goals and move toward them

We all have dreams and aspirations.  Anyone can achieve them if they put their mind to it.  It might not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.  Having a goal gives you determination and motivation that you cannot replicate with anything else.  Even if its small steps toward a goal, you are still making more progress if you were not doing anything at all.

5.  Your goals are not set in stone, you are allowed to change them

This is something I defiantly have to engrain in my mind.  I am an all or nothing type person.  I don’t like to make plans or promises that I cannot keep.  If I tell someone I am doing something, I do it.  If I do not, I feel like a failure.  I have realized that my goals can change and I am allowed to change them.  I am not going to disappoint someone if I don’t follow though completely.  We are constantly changing, so our goals in life will change with it.

6. People do notice you.

I always thought that I was a nobody.  The truth is no one is a nobody, someone is always noticing the things we do-good or bad.  I think it is important to portray who you really are and to be your best self.  I am not saying you have to be perfect all the time because the best way we show ourselves is how we handle ourselves in difficult situations.  Try to keep in mind, how you want to be remembered?  I have been flabbergasted by some of things people have noticed about me that I never thought people would notice-good or bad.

7. Be yourself

I recently wrote a short post about this.  I have been truly fitting into myself the past couple years.  I have learned its okay to be myself because its the best person you can be anyway.  You don’t have to act a certain way or be what someone else wants you to be.  You are the best fit for the role of you!

8. Wake up early

In my opinion, I get the most accomplished when I wake up early.  My day starts off right.  Some of my goals have been fulfilled already.  On a good day, I wake up, workout, take a shower (without rushing), pray, read a verse or two, drink a cup of coffee, eat breakfast and get to work at a decent time.  Every time I wake up early, my day is wonderful.  I don’t know why I don’t do this everyday.  My willpower does not overcome my alarm clock all the time.

9. Be around supportive and positive people.

Wow, does this make a difference.  Encouraging people in your life can have the power for a person to move forward with a goal.  I have seen it through my husbands growth and mine as well.  Support and love can change people.  The potential in someone can skyrocket to places that you cannot dream.  The same goes for negative people in your life.  They can suck the energy out of you.

10.  Eat healthy and exercise, but also indulge every once in awhile.

It’s important to eat healthy and exercise.  The benefits are evident.  I have energy and feel great when I am consistent.  Also eat that candy bar or piece of cake every once in awhile.  It will definitely make you happier.  I don’t know where I would be without chocolate, probably bitter and angry all the time!

Sorry if this was not well written.  It is late for me and I am really tired.  I just felt like I needed to write! 🙂

What has changed in your life?


This quote embodies how I feel lately.  I am getting to an age where I can look back on parts of my life where I have seen growth, change and heartache.

I have lived in the same city.  I have worked in the same place.  I have been with the same man.  I have known most of my friends for at least a third of my life.  I have been a Christian most of my life.  Nothing seems to change, but everything has.  How does that work?

I have lived in a city where they are slight underdog.  My city does not get as much credit as it deserves.  It’s an up and coming city, just as interesting and artistic as NYC or Chicago.  I think the thing that sets it apart is that it is down to earth.  I am not saying that NYC and Chicago are not, but my city might not be as intimidating.  As a child I rarely went downtown, maybe for a show or a school field trip.  As an adult, I absolutely love the city and what it has to offer.  I love the feelings it brings.  The opportunities and potential it has.  It reminds me of myself, a young woman where the world is your oyster.

I have been at the same job for almost a decade.  It’s been a love-hate relationship.  It’s been a great experience. I absolutely love what I have learned from my job and from my co-workers.  Sometimes I just get aggravated that I can’t make more of an impact.  The thing is, without my job I would have never been to the point I am now.  I am ready to move on to something bigger and better.  I am now in the process of attaining that goal.

I have been with the same man for over a decade, married for almost eight years.  It’s been the best ride of my life.  We have grown up together.  We have been there for each other through happy and sad times.  We have pushed each other to better people and to attain our goals.  God has truly blessed me with an amazing man.  When I look back on our relationship, its crazy how different we are now.  We are more improved versions of ourselves.

I have known most of my good friends for six years to over a decade.  Its amazing the bonds we have made.  I don’t know how they even started!  The connections I have made are far greater than I could ever have imagined.

I have been a Christian for most of my life.  Most of my Christian growth have been in the past couple years.  I have prayed and relied on God more than I ever had.  It has been the best time of my life and I don’t know where I would be without God in my life.  His timing, His plan for my life have opened my eyes to His amazing power and promises.

This has been sort of a rambling post, but when I saw this quote it made me appreciate my age and what I have learned in life thus far.

Being yourself

The past couple years I have truly been forming into myself. I have always been nervous to show people the real me. It was never viewed as being acceptable when I was young. It’s nice to finally be the goofy, quirky dork I am at times or the serious “let’s impact the world” girl. My husband and a very few close friends are truly the only ones that have seen this girl.

The fake girl cared about what others thought of her and tried to make them happy no matter what it took.

I have learned not to care what others think as much, unless if it’s healthy criticism. I will not be able to make everyone happy and make myself miserable by doing so. God made me for a purpose and I need to live out that purpose. I need to be myself the way God made me!

What does a Christian look like?


I absolutely love this quote. Sometimes Christians get too caught up with trying to be like other Christians we forget who we are truly made in the image of. I would like to say it is great to aspire to be like the wonderful Christians we look up to and love. We just have to make sure we have the big picture in mind. We are called to be like Christ! I have been caught up in the expectations of other Christians that I quickly forget what our true mission is. God made us all unique and gave us gifts no one else has. Don’t just be like everyone else, let God paint your story.