Breaking Free


I am going to be attending a Beth Moore conference next month and decided to complete a group bible study with her book Breaking Free.  I have read the first four chapters and I feel like this is exactly what I needed.  I need to break free into true freedom in Christ.  Like I have said in past blogs I put so many boundaries up and do not let God unleash my true potential.  I am not fully letting go.

In the first part of the book she gives the example of several kings in the old testament who struggled with different sins.  I quickly came to realize I struggle with legalism just like King Hezekiah.  This section hit me like a brick in the head….

“We have a crippling tendency to forget what God has done for us.  For awhile, we’re humbled.  Then, if we do not guard our hearts and minds, we begin to think we must have done something right for God to have been so good to us.  Therein lies another road to captivity.  It is the road of legalism.  Hezekiah believed he was right with God because of what he had done.”

This is exactly what goes on in my head most of the time.  I also think that if God hasn’t answered my prayer I have done something wrong and I am obsessed about what it is then overanalyze the situation.  It is a dangerous cycle of self-destruction.  It limits God and His plan for you.

She also talks about preparing “shelters” for ourselves rather than living out a life of freedom in Christ.  These shelters can turn into strongholds if we are not careful.  We hide in our jobs, the busyness of life or a role at church.  We think we are doing what God wants, but we are truly not letting go of our true potential in Him.  This profound statement convicted my heart.  I am hiding in my prepared shelters and not living up the expectation of a God filled life.

I definitely recommend this book and I am excited to read more!

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