The sound of silence


The sound of silence is not really silence at all.  Silence helps you think clearly.  It helps you listen to your own thoughts without the interruption of family, friends or any type of media that can sway your decision in a particular way.  Silence is golden.

We figure out what we really want out of life when there is silence.  You can answer life’s biggest questions for yourself when there is silence.  You can have a heart to heart with yourself.

For me, I can always hear God more clearly.  God has a plan for my life and it is much easier for me to listen to His presence when there is silence.  For example, I may be confused about life or worried about a problem.  I don’t have someone’s judgmental comment or opinion in my way.  It’s just Him and I.

I have always enjoyed silence and will always understand the importance of it.  There is busyness and noise all around us, twenty-four seven.  Why don’t we stop and listen to the silence within ourselves?


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