Proverbs 4:7

The beginning of wisdom is acquire wisdom.  And with all your acquiring, get understanding.

This verse is huge eye opener for me.  In order to ever receive wisdom, I have to acquire it.  Acquire defined is to obtain for oneself.  I can’t expect it to fall on my lap or wake up a genius one day.  I have to read my bible, meditate on it, pray to God and get counsel from others with biblical wisdom.  With wisdom comes understanding and that is exactly what I have been searching for.

Proverbs 8:11

For wisdom is better than jewels and all desirable things cannot compare with her.

I have to keep in mind, not many things will make me happier than wisdom.  We can be rich, healthy, beautiful or popular, but we will still be unsatisfied if we do not acquire wisdom.  I have been searching for years for something more and it has been right in front of me the whole time.  I let the world and what others think of me dictate my every move.  God needs to be on control.  He is the only one that can satisfy my soul, my desire for more and my yearning for knowledge and guidance.


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