The Waiting Game


The story of Joseph is a very popular story.  Joseph was an amazing man of God and is one of the best examples of how to live a Christ centered life.  Joseph never blamed God despite the undeserved treatment, the unexpected circumstances, untrue aquisitions and unfair abandonment.  He never let his conditions bring him down.  Joseph did not let his circumstances dictate his convictions.  Joseph knew God had a purpose for him and he kept that in mind while he was going through trials.  He always handled situations with integrity and character.  He never blamed anyone or anything for what had happened to him.  Joseph didn’t let his situation keep him from serving God and the others around him.  He used his time wisely.  Every situation can be an opportunity and he gave it all he had.  He didn’t let his past paralyze his present.  He didn’t dwell on the past, he got over it!  His past didn’t keep him from living out God’s purpose for him.  He didn’t let God’s silence discourage his hope.  Joseph had a extremely horrible life for awhile.  He was sold into slavery, accused of rape and sent to prison.  But through all of that, he knew God would come through.  It might not be when we want it or expect it-but God will come through at the perfect time.  Waiting is the most difficult part.

Silence never discouraged his hope convicted my heart.  Even though Joseph had been praying-God wasn’t answering his prayers right away.  Joseph knew the consistency and power of prayer.  He knew God had the bigger picture in mind.  He knew all he had to do was wait.  But waiting can be one of the most difficult parts of life.  I had prayed for years that my husband would use his God given talents in a place where he could utilize those skills.  My prayers were being answered left and right, but now its taking longer than I had assumed.  My expectations are corrupted.  I want my husband to get a full time role where he is interning at, so we can move on with our life goals.  He hasn’t received a permanent position yet.  It has been making me angry and bitter.  I have put my life on hold.  I need to start living my life and use the amazing skills God has given me.  Even though Joseph was not where he wanted to be, he didn’t let that stop him from serving God and living out his purpose.  I feel like I have wasted time.  I feel like I have let God down.

It almost seems silly to me to even compare my struggles with Joseph’s.  All I have to worry about is when my husband will get a permanent position at his work.  I am extremely blessed to even be in the situation I am in.  It is like choosing chocolate or vanilla cake-who cares they are both cake!!  I have been so focused on when this day will come, I have stopped thinking what I can do now to live out my purpose for God.  I just assumed my purpose would start when I have children or when I can quit my job.  What was I thinking?  I forgot the best part is getting there and God knows the best route.  I never need to lose sight of God’s presence, His purpose and His plan for me.


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