What does Facebook do for you?

What do you get out of Facebook?  Why do we even look at Facebook?

I did a little experiment and did not scroll through Facebook for one whole week.  I even deleted my Facebook app, so temptation wouldn’t succumb to me.  How much time do we spend aimlessly looking at it?  I have wasted so much time scrolling through post and checking up on old friends.  I feel ashamed that I wasted so much time on this website.  So back to my main question….what does Facebook do for you?  Does it really make us better people?

Facebook definitely has huge benefits.  It’s a great way to communicate with old friends or family that you don’t get to see that much.  It’s great advertising for an up and coming business.  It’s also a great memoir to look back on, with all  the pictures we upload.

Where is the point that looking at Facebook can cause a negative affect?  I started correlating with how much I looked at Facebook and what kind of day I was having.  What am I struggling with today? The past couple months, I have been struggling with envy.  The more I looked at Facebook the more envious I felt.   Facebook is the perfect temptation for the sin of envy.  Look what that couple is doing….they just went to Europe, New York and Hawaii all within a couple months.  Look at that family….a stay at home mom, a dad with a great paying job and three gorgeous kids.  Look at that woman….she looks amazing after her baby, I don’t even have any children and I am not that skinny.  Facebook makes everyone look like they have it all together and their life is perfect.

After looking at Facebook my mind is consumed about what I don’t have, don’t get to experience or what I am not.  This is not a healthy emotion to feel.  No ones life is perfect, even if it seems that way through the eyes of Facebook.

My Facebook timeout really made me reflect on how Facebook makes me feel and the boundaries I need to put up against it.  Make sure you take moments away from Facebook, no matter what you struggle with.  We are all so blessed with relationships, material things and experiences.  We don’t want to miss out on them because we are surfing Facebook and not having our full attention on the present moment.



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